The SEO Digest 1st July 2016

SEO Digest

The SEO Digest 1st July 2016

Link building strategy, trends and SEO for the future…

This newsletter we cover a broad series of stories from the world of digital marketing and SEO as well as provide some useful best practice links we’ve found on our way.

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In The News

Web search being used to diagnose illnesses early

Google could save lives in the future, experts are predicting. The search history feature could track users who make a diagnosis-related search back to the point they showed – and searched for – their initial symptoms. With few false positives and a success rate of up to 15%, the study looks promising but there is still some way to go with the prediction technology. Some experts fear the results will only be meaningful at later stages of illness – potentially too late. However, this early research is a promising step forward in both health and technology.

Google speaks out over autocomplete backlash

Google’s autocomplete search feature has come under some criticism in recent months, with various internet memes and blogs claiming that it shows political and social bias. A feature within autocomplete tries to adjust the balance so that negative things about personalities and organisations are not shown first: the user receives informative details instead. However, it is likely that this change to search did not take effect universally, but rather spread across search functions slowly. Google points out that autocomplete “isn’t an exact science”, and that it changes and learns over time.

Top level domains show some surprising search results – but beware the temporary effect

The debate over top level domains (TLDs) which fall outside of the standard continues, as some businesses rush to snap up ‘.industry’ names. While this is seen as best practice to prevent domain squatting, SEOs are quick to warn that these domains could negatively influence search rankings. Recent tests on new TLD sites actually show a slight improvement in search position – but this is to be expected as search algorithms first encounter these domains. As search AI learns, it is likely the TLD effect will settle and reduce.


SEO Tips and Strategies

Link building in the spotlight

Controversial but hugely important, link building will feature in some way on any good SEO’s agenda. However, the minefield of link development requires some careful manoeuvring in order to avoid penalties and negative consequences. Discover the six essential areas to focus on when building links – from content quality to source legitimacy, authority and diversity. A good link building campaign is sophisticated and operates on many different levels, leading strategists advise.

SEO For The Future: Plan Ahead For Success

We are often told that fresh content is vital in an SEO campaign – and this is still true. However, too much change can be a negative thing. A better SEO strategy is one which considers long term goals as well as current search optimisation techniques. Some steps, such as user experience development and audience empathy, need to be part of a long-term campaign. Strike the right balance between regular updates to your content and a steady online presence that users can count on.

Changes to Google Search: what you need to know

Google’s 2016 changes are impacting the SEO industry more than any from previous years, say SEO experts. Alongside issuing penalties for sites which exchange links for products, the search giant is getting strict on sites which are not mobile friendly. Google has revealed its top three ranking signals: RankBrain, links and content. Some good news for SEO: although over 200 other factors feature in the search algorithm, those overriding signals are already the cornerstones of any good SEO campaign.

SEO Across The Industry

Tracking current SEO trends in the e-commerce sector

E-commerce is growing and SEO is at its most effective when correctly applied to this sector. SEO technology is shaping the way we interact with e-commerce sites and giving us greater insight into consumer search behaviour. Experts predict that ‘sharability’ will remain key to SEO success in 2016 – in particular, video sharing will drive this push for fast, accessible viral content. Local search and mobile optimisation are also very important as more people move to handheld devices for purchases and searches.

Career optimisation: why SEO matters for serious jobseekers

A new book highlights the importance of SEO and social media when seeking career opportunities online. A strong and positive social media presence, along with industry-specific blogging and video content, can boost an individual’s online visibility and open up new career opportunities as a result. Businesses are now recognising the importance of an individual’s personal online brand when it comes to hiring, and Jason MacDonald’s ‘Job Search and Career-Building Workbook’ has tips on building a strong individual presence.

SEO Today’s Quick Read

Pensioner could be Google’s politest user ever

An OAP from Wigan has become an unlikely viral sensation this week after her grandson tweeted about her surprisingly polite search history. The elderly lady has been using Google correctly – unlike this rather stubborn search user – but shows a clear determination not to let manners or standards slip. We know Google keeps a close eye on unique searches as it pushes to improve search processes, and we’re sure the lady’s lovely searches have brightened someone’s day at Google!




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