The SEO Digest – 28th July

SEO Digest

The SEO Digest – 28th July

Search Engine News And Updates


Data privacy addressed by Google with new search record management tools

Search privacy is a major concern for any internet user. Google has addressed search vulnerabilities with a new data-storage tool that improves access to individual records. Google users will be able to access and amend their online search request history, including across any synced devices such as mobiles and tablets. The tool will also gives users the ability to block advertising which might betray their search history, with filters that work across all the user’s devices.


Real-time earthquake safety information now available in Google search results

Google will make real-time information on earthquakes much easier to find with an update to its search results. Those searching for ‘earthquakes’ or ‘earthquakes near me’ during a tremor event will see a map of the quake zone along with any relevant safety information. Estimated data such as the force of the earthquake and the damage it will cause is also revealed by the search tool. It could also be used to send out evacuation information quickly when necessary, and includes travel information to help people avoid the area.


Introducing Google’s latest search updates

Google has revealed three new search updates in the past week, rolled out to all users and available now. One is another Search Console feature, which gives a ‘rich results’ option in Search Analytics, while medical information such as self-care advice and nearby treatment centres will now appear when searching for symptoms thanks to a Knowledge Graph update. Web hosts will also be relieved to know that Google Analytics can now alert you to spam-related hacking incidents, which rose 180% last year, and help you take prompt action against attacks.

SEO In The News

Google reveals surprising search patterns after Brexit decision in UK

Google Trends has given a glimpse into the UK’s reactions to the European Referendum vote, and shows a demand for further information following the result. In the days after the announcement, ‘What is the EU’ was the second highest EU-related search made. Meanwhile, searches for ‘getting an Irish passport’ increased 100%, and ‘buy gold’ rose 500% as people weighed up their post-Brexit options. Search users were keen to find further information on the Leave decision right away, with many searching to discover who the country’s next Prime Minister could be.

Shoppers choose Amazon over Google for product search, study reveals

Online shoppers are more likely to search for products through Amazon than they are through Google, a PowerReviews survey has revealed. 38% of consumers pick Amazon over Google, retailers’ sites or other online marketplaces. Of those who do use Google to find products, 41% will go on to follow an Amazon link. Over half of those surveyed cited the availability of reviews as a key reason for searching directly with Amazon, while a huge 79% are swayed by the wide range of products offered..

SEO Tips And Techniques

PR disasters: how SEO can help with reputation management and damage control

Brand managers and PR specialists are realising the importance of SEO when it comes to overcoming a difficult situation. When a brand takes a hit to its reputation, the internet can fill fast with negative press which could be hard to get away from if not addressed quickly. However, SEO techniques can boost positive content and ‘drown out’ negative stories. Producing content that promotes a great image is vital at this time, as is using proven search optimisation techniques to get those stories up high in the search rankings.

Off-page SEO is the most crucial element of any optimisation strategy, advises AJ Agrawal. In order to avoid any penalty from search engines, resist the temptation to use black-hat tricks. A great link-building strategy will reach out to authoritative sites, but in a steady manner. Too many links at once could look suspicious – instead, generate a slow and measured rise in links across the web. Follow these simple tips and techniques to give any link-building campaign a better chance of success.

SEO Quick Reads

Five high profile SEO disasters we can all learn lessons from

When SEO goes wrong, it can spell disaster for any brand. From honest mistakes to attempts to cheat the system, some well-known companies and personalities have fallen foul of Google’s penalty system and experienced the effects of an SEO catastrophe. Discover five tales of woe from BMW, Toys R Us and other businesses – and learn how each reacted to their search crisis.

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