The SEO Digest – 31st May 2016

The SEO Digest – 31st May 2016

Teleno SEO Digest

Protecting your company image, global SEO opportunities and much more…

This newsletter we cover a broad series of stories from the world of digital marketing and SEO as well as provide some useful best practice links we’ve found on our way.

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SEO Best Practice

Achieve search engine success in 2016: Moz’s 8 principles of on-site SEO

How has SEO changed in 2016, and where should on-page optimisation specialists be focusing their efforts? In the last Whiteboard Friday guide, Rand Fishkin answers those questions and reveals the eight key principles SEOs should follow in 2016. From fulfilling the goals of searchers to enhancing their experience with faster pages, user satisfaction is a top focus. Keyword targeting still matters too, but it will no longer stand alone without the other seven priciples working together.

Does social media marketing have hidden risks for your company image?

Companies are embracing social media and making good use of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms for marketing. While this public persona can be great for online engagement and brand awareness, it can also be problematic at times. Complaints have the potential to go viral, and problems can be quickly escalated by an unhappy customer online. Brands should be careful not to neglect real customer service and problem solving when an issue arises. Solving a high-profile complaint may boost your image at first, but might harm your reputation among the everyday customers whose non-viral complaints go unheard.

Global SEO opportunities: how you could reach an extra six billion consumers

Does your content translate well into other languages? Could you open your services up to the international market? When you create your online strategy, consider the global SEO opportunitiesas much as the local ones. Just 340 million people use English as a first language – leaving six billion who could be missing out on your services. While translation programs can solve the language issues, content specialists should also consider multicultural differences. Beware of alienating an international market, and understand the needs of different global audiences.


SEO In The News

Google faces legal challenge by SEO organisation over search omissions

lawsuit against Google is gaining international attention due to its unusual nature. Florida SEO company e-ventures WorldWide claims that Google’s blocking of its site and omission from its search results amount to unfair practice. e-ventures is accusing the search giant of a bias against SEO companies, and of effectively silencing its competition by removing their sites from its rankings. Google’s attempt to have the claim thrown out on free speech grounds was rejected by a US court, leaving the path clear for e-ventures to mount its challenge.

Worldwide digital marketing spending to reach $613 billion in 2016

Business are recognising the value of SEO investment more than ever, and spending has increased as a result. A study by Borrell Associates revealed that companies across the world will spend an estimated $613 billion on digital marketing and search optimisation. The study also noted the increasing importance of video content, but said blog spending would still hit $790 million in the US alone. The research predicts that marketing budgets will continue to rise well into 2020, and that two-thirds of SEO outgoings will be laid on by SMEs.

SEO Tech Tips

Google announces length increase for title and description

It might be time to update your sites with new descriptions and titles. Google has announced that the organic search space allocated to each listing will increase – meaning more room for content. Titles can now run to 70 characters before they are cut off, and descriptions can use around 100 extra characters per line. The new search space width is already live, but still a trial feature for now. Descriptions are cut on the second line as it stands, but if the new sizes become permanent users expect this to be resolved – giving you around 834 characters to play in a three-line search snippet.

Bing to show Twitter results in search results

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is trialling a new feature which will bring Twitter posts into search results. The posts will appear in a separate area above the organic search results. Currently the test can only be seen behind the scenes using Bing’s developer tools, but if successful it could be rolled out to all users. The search engine is making several changes in order to sustain its growing user base. Recent reports revealed that Bing now takes 21% of the search market, and that it turned over a $1billion profit in 2016’s first quarter. Users should expect more updates and additional features in the coming months.

Google enhances integration between Google Analytics and Search Console

Thanks to a new update by Google, Search Console metrics and Google Analytics Behavioral metrics will be available in one convenient reporting tool. The main change to note is the Devices report, which gives a clearer picture of all organic search data. This greater integration between Google Analytics and Search Console gives SEOs, webmasters and marketers more useful data regarding user behaviour. The search tools enable a greater understanding of click-through rates and page engagement. Sites with a high CTR but low conversion rates could greatly benefit from the GA/SC changes.




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