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The SEO Digest – 28th July

Search Engine News And Updates

Data privacy addressed by Google with new search record management tools
Search privacy is a major concern for any internet user. Google has addressed search vulnerabilities with a new data-storage tool that improves access to individual records. Google users will be able to access and amend their online search request history, including across any synced devices such as mobiles and tablets. The tool will also gives users the ability to block advertising which might betray their […]

SEO Digest

The SEO Digest 1st July 2016

Link building strategy, trends and SEO for the future…
This newsletter we cover a broad series of stories from the world of digital marketing and SEO as well as provide some useful best practice links we’ve found on our way.
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Web search being used to diagnose illnesses early
Google could save lives in the future, experts are predicting. […]