Content Marketing

About Content Marketing

Content marketing is perhaps one of the biggest trends in digital marketing at this time and as with most trends, there are varying opinions out there when it comes to how it should be done.

Some say it’s all about creating as much content as possible, helping to establish your website as an authority on a wide range of topics by publishing frequently. Others say it’s all about the quality – post content that adds value to your customers and don’t bombard them with too much information.

What makes good content?

We don’t apply a one size fits all approach. For some of our clients, it is great if they can post up a relevant, newsworthy article, blog, infographic, video etc every day. Some of our clients are based in a sector where this sort of content publishing is almost expected. For others however, it is all about creating one of two pieces of unique, high quality content each month and making sure they are pushed out via the right platform at the right time.

Great content is whatever resonates with your audience. For some companies, this can mean those rough and ready videos shot on a mobile phone. For others, their audience demands a highly polished production when it comes to video content.  The same goes for written content. For some, a casual blog post about what went on at the recent company away day can really hit home with their audience and show the human side of the business. For other companies, people expect informative white papers that challenge them and provides new ideas. Good content is dictated by what your customers are looking for and that is the first challenge we tackle when we carry out a content audit.

Right content with the right platform

We have seen it a thousand times before. A website that is overloaded with deep lying content that no one ever visits. Why? Because someone in your organisation said that ‘this simply must go on the website’. Here at Teleno, we challenge that approach. If no one is looking at content on your website, what value is it adding? Is there a better platform where you could put that piece of content where more people will engage with it? And we’re not just talking about putting a link to the website content on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe Facebook or Twitter is the best place to put that content.

Working closely with you, we look at your current content across all your digital platforms and work on a strategy to ensure that your content is getting seen by as many of your customers as possible. We will talk to you about creating engaging, informative and entertaining content that users want to engage with and share, helping you to meet your goals.