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Inconsistent Citations

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Local SEO

Are you struggling to make an impact online? Are your SEO efforts falling flat? We all know the importance of getting found online, and why a strong web presence matters. However, one key problem could be working against your entire campaign and harming your search position. Could your business benefit from a Citation Clean Up??

Building citations and making them count

Top search engines such as Google pride themselves on delivering relevant, high quality search results to their users. In order to verify that a business is legitimate and worth visiting, search sites will check the web for references to it – in particular, its name, address and phone number. These NAP details indicate that a business has a physical location, suggesting that it is a registered and verified official company.

  • Local search has a proven impact on physical sales
  • NAP info is the primary driver behind local searches
  • Online citations are votes for your business – nurture them

Those places where your business details appear are known as citations, and they can include anything from web pages and social media profiles to reviews and directory listings. The more official the citation source, the greater your search benefit will be. In order to boost your business’ search profile, you therefore need to build up these citations via trusted online sources.

So why is an citation audit necessary, and how does it help Local SEO?

Online citations can boost your search position – but they can harm it too! Incorrect NAP details across the web can make it hard for search engines to place you correctly, and could even lead to penalties. Those links back to your business might count for nothing, and you could slump down the ranks into online obscurity. Consistency is the key to valuable citations.

There are many reasons why your NAP details could be incorrect on the web:

  • Change of telephone number or address
  • Change of business name
  • Clash with previous business under same details
  • Errors in listings or unofficial listings
  • False representations of your business

Finding all of those NAP appearances can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are unsure where to begin. Getting those details updated is also a laborious task, with each citation needing an individual change request. Trusting that task to an SEO specialist will ensure that the job is done thoroughly, and leaves you free to focus on your business.

Local searches matter

The importance of accurate citations is going to continue to grow as we rely more heavily on geodata in technology. Local search continues to grow, as does the mobile web. If your business is to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition in the search results, you need to consider a citation audit right away. Once your NAP details have been checked and updated, your efforts to build strong citations should be far more successful.